Herald SUrSHPU
The Herald of South-Ural state Humanities-Pedagogical University ЧГПУ

ISSN: 2618–9682; ISSN 1997-9886
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454080, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Lenin Avenue, 69, Study room № 454.

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "South-Ural state Humanities-Pedagogical university"

Editor in Chief - 8 (351) 216-56-01 - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Acting Rector of FSBEI HE "South-Ural state Humanities-Pedagogical university" Tatyana Alexandrovna Chumachenko. Email address: postbox@cspu.ru

Deputy Editor in Chief - (351) 216-56-65 - Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor,  Advisor to the Rector on General Issues of the FSBEI HE "South-Ural state Humanities-Pedagogical university"  Ilya Evgenyevich Levchenko. Email address: levchenkoie@cspu.ru

Member of the Editorial Board - (351) 216-56-03 - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,  First Vice Rector - Vice Rector for Science of the FSBEI HE "South-Ural state Humanities-Pedagogical university" Alexey Nikolaevich Bogachev. Email address: bogachevan@cspu.ru

Responsible editor - 8 (351) 216-57-97 - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the FSBEI HE "South-Ural state Humanities-Pedagogical university" Elena Yurievna Nikitina. Email address: vestnikvak@cspu.ru

Technical editor - 8 (351) 216-57-97 - Yana Alexandrovna Ayriekh. Email address: vestnikvak@cspu.ru