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A policy of screening for plagiarism

All articles submitted to the editorial office are checked for plagiarism through the Antiplagiat system. If the original text is less than 85% (while borrowing from one source can not be more than 7%), the article is sent to the author for revision with the appropriate justification. In the articles of the heading "Philological Sciences" the originality of the text is not less than 75 %, where the wider citation of the analyzed work with the obligatory reference to it is possible.


The authors of the article must ensure that they have submitted a completely original work, in the case of using the work and/or citations of other authors, bibliographic references or extracts are required. Appropriate references to other authors ' works are a mandatory requirement. Authors should refer to publications that have had a decisive influence on the nature of the presented work.

Reviewers should identify relevant published works that have not been cited by the author. Any statement, observation, conclusion or argument must be accompanied by a reference. The reviewer should also draw the editor's attention to any significant similarity or overlap between the manuscript in question and any other published work.