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Author Guidelines


An example of an article can be downloaded at the link.

Recommendations for authors are available at the link.

ГОСТ Р 7.0.5–2008 is available at the link.

In the Technical design of the copyright and publishing manuscripts, as well as in the creation of original layouts, the journal is guided by:

the System of standards on Information, librarianship and publishing:

1. "Publications. Basic types. Terms and definitions"Interstate standard. Group  Т62 ГОСТ 7.60-2003 (Status - functioning)ConsultantPlus

2. "Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules".  National standart of the Russian FederationГОСТ Р 7.0.5-2008 (Status - functioning)

3. "Avthor,s and publisher,s textual originals. General reguirements". Interstate standartГОСТ 7.89-2005 (Status - functioning)

4. "Information publications. Structure and presentation". Interstate standartGroup Т62 ГОСТ 7.23-96 (Status  - functioning)

5. "Articles in journals and collections. Publisher,s presentation".  National standart Russian FederationGroup Т62 ГОСТ Р 7.0.7-2009 (Status - functioning)

6. "The research report. Structure and rules of presentation". Interstate standartГОСТ 7.32-2017 (Status - functioning), ConsultantPlus

 7. "Bibliographic record. Abbreviation of words and word combinations in Russian. General requirements and rules". National standart Russian FederationGroup Т62 ГОСТ Р 7.0.12-2011 (Status - functioning)

 8. "Publications. Main elements. Tems and definitions". National standart Russian FederationГОСТ Р 7.0.3-2006 (Status - functioning)

9. "Editions. Imprints. General requirements and rules of presentation". National standart Russian FederationГОСТ Р 7.0.4-2006 (Status - functioning), ConsultantPlus and others: Russian Book Chamber;

the Unified system for design documentation:

1. "Unified system for design documentation. General principles. Interstate standartГОСТ 2.001-2013 (Status - functioning)

2. "Electronic geometrical model of product. General principles". Interstate standartGroup Т52 ГОСТ 2.052-2015 (Status - functioning)

3. "Rules of placing the inscriptions? technical data and tables of graphical documents. General principles". Interstate standartGroup Т52 ГОСТ 2.316-2008 (Status - functioning)

4. "General requirements for textual documents". Interstate standartе. Группа Т52 ГОСТ 2.105-95 (Status - functioning)  

and others: ГОСТ 2.304-81 Group Т52. Interstate standart (ЕСКД) "Letters for drawings";

State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements:

1. "Units of quantities". Interstate standartGroup Т80 ГОСТ 8.417-2002 (Status - functioning)


1. "Book and magazine editions. Sizes". Interstate standartGroup У35 ГОСТ 5773-90 (with no expiration date).

Manuscript of the article is sent to the editors of the journal by e-mail: vestnikvak@cspu.ru

Notification of the authors of the receipt of materials is carried out by the responsible editor in 3 days. In case of deviation from the requirements for the manuscript, the article may be returned to the author for revision.

The text of the article is checked for the presence of borrowings through the Antiplagiat system. With the originality of the text below 75% of the article is sent to the author for revision. The share of text borrowing from one source can be no more than 7%.

All articles submitted to the editors of the journal are subject to mandatory review. After making a decision on the possibility of publishing the article, the responsible editor notifies the author (s) of the decision made.

All materials must comply with the rules and regulations of international publishing ethics. ПThe legal basis for ensuring publication ethics is international standards: provisions adopted at the 2nd World Conference on the Integrity of Scientific Research (Singapore, July 22-24, 2010); provisions developed by the Committee on the Ethics of Scientific Publications (The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and norms of the “Copyright” section of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Manuscript requirements

1. At the beginning of the article, the full names of the authors, the full names, contact numbers and postal addresses must be indicated

2. An article with a volume of 8 pages must be typed in a Microsoft Word text editor in the format * .doc or * .rtf in Times New Roman, 14 pt, the interval between the lines is 1.5, all margins are 20 mm wide, width alignment; Annotation, keywords and bibliography are written in regular font 12 pt. For text with width alignment, the settings for the line spacing and indents are the main ones for the entire document of the manuscript. The titles of the manuscript chapters (full name, personal data, TITLE, Bibliographic list, HEADING (title in Russian), References are Center aligned without indentation with line spacing of 1.5 cm.

3. The beginning of the article contains the required elements of the output information - classification indexes and codes: the UDC (УДК) index (Universal Decimal Classification Index) and the BBK (ББК) index (Library Bibliographic Classification Index) - are written in capital letters, font 14, bold, left justified;



Initials, Last Name

ORCID № 0000-0000-0000

(you need to register on the ORCID website and get a unique ORCID ID in the format number No. 0000-0000-0000),

academic title, academic degree, place of work (position in the nominative case, structural unit - in the genitive case, for example: a department professor ... (indicating the city and country in the nominative case).

E-mail of author:

All items of personal data are required


(in capital letters, font Times New Roman, 14, bold);

   Abstract (font Times New Roman, 12, bold).

   IntroductionFont Times New Roman, 12 (the section name is italic, text is a regular font).

   Materials and methods. Font Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic, text is a regular font).

   Results. Font Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic, text is a regular font).

   Discussion. Font Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic, text is a regular font).

   ConclusionFont Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic,text is a regular font).

   Keywords: are separated by a comma, complex phrases are not allowed.


   The section contains 3-5 bullet points, briefly reflecting key research results.

4. The text of a scientific article is presented in accordance with the following mandatory sections:

   Introduction (Введение)

  It includes the relevance of the research topic, a review of the literature on the research topic, the formulation of the research problem, the formulation of the purpose and objectives of the research.

   Materials and methods (Материалы и методы)

  A detailed description of the methodological approaches, methods, research base, scheme of conduct, the conditions of the experiments or observations, allowing to reproduce their results, using only the text of the article.

   Results (Результаты)

   Presents the actual results of the study (text, tables, graphs, charts, photographs, drawings).

   4 Discussion (Обсуждение )

   Contains an interpretation of the results of the study, including:

– compliance of the obtained results with the research hypothesisсоответствие полученных результатов гипотезе исследования;

– limitations of research and generalization of its results,ограничения исследования и обобщения его результатов;

– proposals for practical application,предложения по практическому применению;

– proposals for future research.предложения по направлению будущих исследований.

   Conclusion (Заключение)

   It contains a summary of the sections of the article without repeating the wording given in them.

   Acknowledgments (Благодарности) (Optional)

   The author expresses:

– acknowledgement to colleagues for the help;

– appreciation for the financial support of the study.

5. Formulas and symbols contained in the article are placed in the text using the Microsoft Eguation formula editor.

6. Figures and tables should be placed in the text of the article, links to figures in the text are required. Graphic images (pictures and photos) should also be provided in separate files in the original format with full access to proofreading and editing their content and JPEG with a resolution of 200 dpi. In schemes, drawings made with the help of graphic editors, in electronic models and tables use Times New Roman, size 13 (normal), 1.15 cm interval. In the rhythmic drawings (diagrams) of a verse, prose text or music, use Arial font, size 13 (normal), interval 1.15 cm. In the creation of graphic information models, you should use simplified shapes without background effects. The color of the lines is black, dashed lines are allowed.

7. The bibliographic list is placed after the main text of the article and is issued in compliance with ГОСТ Р 7.0.5–2008. Bibliographic descriptions of borrowed sources, as well as cited literature, are given in the general list at the end of the article in the order of mention in the text. References in the text of the article should be presented in the order from 1 to ... in square brackets. If the link is to a specific piece of text, the sequence number and pages are indicated in the reference, and the information is separated by a comma. For example, [10, p. 81] or [10; 12, p. 81; 13, p. 50], [10-14; 15, s. 6-9]. The square bracket must be closed with a punctuation mark. References in the text of the article are submitted to all sources indicated in the bibliographic list. The bibliographic list contains at least 5 bibliographic references to research sources (scientific articles, monographs), including foreign ones (Scopus, WoS) for the last 3-5 years. Bibliographic references to other types of sources (archival, normative, journalistic, reference, educational and methodical literature, dictionaries, dissertations, dissertation abstracts, etc.) are made in compliance with ГОСТ Р 7.0.5–2008 and placed similarly to the description of scientific articles and monographs in the order of a single bibliographic list of the article. In references to sources that have a DOI, it should be indicated after its bibliographic description, the citation base is indicated in brackets (Scopus, WoS). When specifying the unified identifier of the Internet resource (URL) after its placement in parentheses indicate the date of the appeal in the format: 00.00.0000. Exclude automatic numbering of bibliographic references.

8. Following the bibliographic list is information in another (English or Russian) language:

accurate translation of personal data in accordance with the original (Russian or English) version:

Initials, last name, translated into another language

ORCID No. 0000-0000-0000

academic title, academic degree, place of work (position in the nominative case, structural unit - in the genitive case, for example: a department professor ... (indicating the city and country in the nominative case).

E-mail of author:

All items of personal data are required for translation


(the title in another language is written in capital letters, Times New Roman, 14, bold);

   Abstract - Аннотация (font Times New Roman, 12, bold).

   Introduction - Введение. Font Times New Roman, 12 (the section name is italic, text is a regular font).

   Materials and methods - Материалы и методы . Font Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic, text is a regular font).

   Results - Результаты. Font Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic, text is a regular font).

   Discussion - Обсуждение. Font Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic, text is a regular font).

   Conclusion - Заключение. Font Times New Roman, 12 (section title is italic,text is a regular font).

   Keywords - Ключевые слова:  font Times New Roman, 12 (the title of the section is bold, words are regular font).

   Highlights - Основные положения:

   Basic provisions (font Times New Roman, 12, bold).


Presentation of the original (English or Russian) version of the Bibliographic list in translation into another language and transliterated text. In the design of References Harvard Standard is used with the introduction of full output data in accordance with its original version. Exclude automatic numbering of bibliographic references.

9. At the end of the document, the manuscript is signed by the author (s) with the phrase: “The article is published for the first time,” the date and signatures of all authors or the first co-author.

Attention to the authors!

The editors reserve the right to make in the author's manuscripts technical and stylistic changes.

Full texts of articles are posted on the journal website: http://vestnik-cspu.ru/ru/articles and on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library: eLIBRARY.RU